I am producing some of the puppets that I originally created from both 'Thunderbirds' and 'Captain Scarlet'. Captain Paul Travers and Captain Blue are both from original puppets in my possession.

All reproductions are fully working, other than a solenoid. They are microchipped for future identification and presented standing on a plinth with a name plaque showing both the character's name and my own.

For the puppets, I have recreated flexible hands, acrylic eyes, eye and mouth mechanisms all as they were 35 years ago - even down to the false teeth used on the original puppets. Paul Travers was the only male Thunderbird puppet to have real hair, and this again has been used on the reproductions.

Hundreds of hours of work and experimentation has ensured that the copies are as true to the original as possible. Every aspect of the puppets has been recreated by myself, apart from some of the clothes which have been specially made by a seamstress under my supervision.

The Captain Blue tunic tops, hats, belts, boots and holsters have all been made from Pittards leather as they were in the 60's, and the guns have been made from aluminium, coloured perspex and resin, again as close to the originals as possible. Even 'Lightning' zips have been used on the boots!.